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Budget Tyres with Big Brand Performance for Chessington Motorists

K&P Tyres are based in Epsom and Chessington is just one of many Surrey locations covered by our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters. We’re more than aware that some tyre shops in the area claim to beat us on price but have you ever stopped to consider why? If it’s because they’re offering you part-worn tyres, you could literally be gambling with your life.

We only sell budget tyres to support our major branded lines and even then, our company sources them from major manufacturers and tyre suppliers in new condition. Compare these with part-worn products supplied by lesser tyre fitters and tyre shops in the Chessington area and it’s easy to see why we recommend avoiding them.

When you purchase part-worn tyres, you’ll have no idea on how much life is left in them. Even nearly-new tyres will have some wear and because you’ll have no idea of how the tyre was treated in the past, it could be a potentially deadly false economy.

Our tyre suppliers usually have one question for motorists in Chessington who are considering part-worn tyres. You wouldn’t let your family get into a vehicle if you wasn’t 100% sure it was safe, so how can you put your trust in tyre fitters who are prepared to sell you tyres that could easily jeopardise the safety of your family?

Budget Lines from Market-Leading Tyre Suppliers

Our own tyre suppliers are among the best to be found globally. All budget tyres on our shelves come from manufacturers with market-leading reputations including Toyo, Nexen, Maxxis and Kumho. These are names that can be found at all reputable tyre shops in the Chessington area, not just at our own.

While we fully understand that some drivers won’t have the money for top-of-the-range tyres, buying a set of branded budget equivalents is affordable for most. Tyre suppliers who offer you part-worn alternatives aren’t just risking your safety. They’ve compromising the welfare of every single driver on the roads that you regularly use.

Indeed, it is an offence for tyre fitters to sell part-worn tyres that fail to meet the principal requirements of the Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994. We think it’s best to avoid tyre shops that sell part worn tyres and strongly recommend that vehicle owners in Chessington always use tyre fitters with a wide stock range of genuine new budget tyres.

We welcome visitors from Chessington to our workshop in Epsom, where our tyre suppliers and fitters will advise you on suitable budget tyres for your vehicle.