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Looking for Tyres in Esher? Call our Epsom Tyre Fitters

We are established tyre suppliers for the Esher area and we are here to fix your vehicle so you can drive off with confidence. K&P Tyres, located in Epsom, are the perfect choice for when you need to have damaged tyres replaced. We know how much you rely on your vehicle so we are delighted to offer a reliable service provided by expert tyre fitters.

Drivers from Esher and Surrey can book today with one of the most popular tyre shops in Epsom and usually secure get a prompt appointment subject to availability.

Like all good tyre shops, we have wide coverage and supply tyres to motorists from Esher, Cobham, Tadworth, Leatherhead and many other parts of Surrey. It’s very easy to use our services. We are tyre suppliers with a large stock range of premium and budget tyres to choose from. If we don’t have the brand of tyres you want, we can order them on request.

Signs of Wear on Tyres for Esher Motorists

We all drive differently and the way we use a vehicle can affect the amount of wear and tear on the tyres. When you visit local tyre shops like our own, their tyre fitters should always be on hand to tell motorists from Esher what to look out for in terms of wear. We know how important it is to recognise these signs so you’re never left with a flat tyre at the roadside.

Here’s some advice from K&P Tyres, Esher’s favourite tyre suppliers:

  • Rough terrain and uneven road surfaces take a toll on your tyres
  • Extreme weather conditions increase damage
  • High-speed driving, cornering and braking erodes tyres
  • Limit excess weight or overloading to preserve tyres
  • Check that your tyres are never under or over-inflated
  • Front tyres wear sooner than rear tyres due to their position
  • Wheels incorrectly aligned can wear down tyres

When Do You Need New Tyres Fitted?

The tyre fitters at K&P Tyres recommend that all car owners in Esher and Surrey measure tyre treads regularly. The grooves of the tread need to be 1.6mm minimum in depth but don’t stop there; look at your tyres regularly for other signs of wear. This includes excessive scuffing, cracks, tears or a feathered tread.

It’s a good idea to check your tyres at least once a month. This means you know in advance when to schedule an appointment with us. It’s easy to arrange a booking with our tyre suppliers and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the necessary arrangements. Like most tyre shops in the area, we are open six days every week.

You can trust our tyre fitters to know what they’re doing, and you’ll always have the freedom to ask questions about caring for your new tyres in the future. If you’ve been looking for tyre suppliers and you’re in the Esher area, we are here to help with selected branded and budget tyres to suit just about every pocket.

If you are in Esher or the local Surrey area and are looking for tyre shops or tyre fitters, call K&P Tyres for a free quote on 020 8393 2338.