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Winter Safety with our Tyre Fitters in Worcester Park

Did you know that less than 1% of UK drivers make the switch to winter tyres during the colder, icier months of the year? Our customers in Worcester Park are amongst those who could be using local tyre shops for products that offer better performance, superior grip and a safer driving experience from October through to March.

K&P Tyres are based in Epsom and our tyre fitters regularly remind visitors from the Worcester Park area that winter tyres aren’t just made to perform well in the snow and ice. Winter tyres can offer shorter braking distances in wet, dry or slushy conditions. Our tyre suppliers recommend them when temperatures fall below 7°C.

Because so few cars from the Worcester Park area have winter tyres fitted, more accidents occur and this is great news for the insurance companies (but not such good news for tyre shops), who use the hike in figures to increase premiums. Our tyre fitters and tyre suppliers are here to help keep you safe and your insurance premiums down.

A Lack of Knowledge on Winter Tyres

Our European neighbours make the switch to winter tyres because it’s often mandatory to do so but local drivers in Worcester Park and Surrey are under no obligation to have them fitted. This isn’t so much about negligence. Our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters find that our customers actually know very little about the benefits of winter tyres.

There’s also the added cost involved and even tyre shops that provide exceptional value, such as our own, are going to cost the average vehicle owner a tidy sum on a full set of replacements. Because our prices are always much lower than the retail figures charges by franchised and fast-fit centres, a set of winter tyres can actually be quite reasonable.

Perhaps the biggest consideration for Motorists in Worcester Park is safety rather than price. With shorter stopping distances in bad conditions, winter tyres could literally be a life-saving investment. Our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters can recommend a suitable and cost-effective solution for any driver who wants to put the safety of their family first.

Compare our prices with other tyre shops in Worcester Park and see why customers in Surrey come to K&P Tyres for all of their winter requirements.