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An Independent Alternative to Main Garage Tyre Shops in Morden

First time investing in a new set of tyres? Or perhaps it’s just been a while and you can’t remember all the ins and outs and details. Don’t fret! K&P Tyres, the Morden area’s leading independent tyre suppliers and tyre fitters (based in nearby Epsom), have provided some information on this page that will make navigating tyre shops a breeze.

But keep in mind that we’re on hand to provide in person assistance with all things relating to your tyres! Likewise, we’re available on the phone to answer any queries you might have. As friendly, local tyre suppliers and tyre fitters it’s our mission you leave our premises with a smile on your face, knowing you’ll be safe on the road with quality tyres secured at affordable prices… better than any you’ll find in the Morden area.

A Tyre Fitting Guide

When to Change a Tyre

If your tyre is punctured it doesn’t mean you have to replace it: our team offers a professional puncture repair service. However, a very serious puncture which can’t be patched up will require a change of tyres. The same goes for if your tread depth recedes below the legal limit of 1.6mm. Other reasons why you might need to make the short drive from Morden to our Epsom tyre fitters and tyre suppliers is if you’re planning on using your vehicle in drastic different conditions – e.g on icy roads, off-road or on a race track. We can fit specialist tyres that will stand-up to the challenge.

The Importance of Tyre Valves

Often forgotten about but a vitally important element within the tyre construct, valves that fail can cause failure of the tyres themselves when driven at high speeds. If you notice a tyre valve has been damaged, lost its cap, or has a significant build-up of dirt and grease – we urge you to visit our specialists near Morden.

“Reading” a Tyre

On the side of tyres there is always written some vital details. It might look alien to you, but these are easily deciphered: the first number refers to its nominal section width, the second the aspect ratio (which takes the full height of the sidewall as a % of the aforementioned width), the third is the diameter in inches, the forth tells us how much load tyres can bear, and the last is a letter that indicates speed rating. Our tyre fitters and tyre suppliers use this info to ensure Morden motorists get the ideal tyre for their needs.

Still unsure about something, or want to book in a visit to our premises in Epsom? Call K&P Tyres on 020 8393 2338. You’ll soon see why we’re top choice amongst Surrey tyre shops!