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Tyres for Tadworth and Surrey Motorists

Our customers rely on their cars to start up every day. Our tyre suppliers offer easy access to a wide range of tyres so Tadworth drivers can get to work and back home on time. When you make an appointment with our tyre fitters, we provide you with a professional service that you won’t forget. We are one of Epsom’s best-loved tyre shops with a fast-working and friendly team always on hand to repair or replace your tyres whenever you’re in need.

We know it can be difficult to choose which tyre fitters to trust, especially if you haven’t visited any tyre shops before. Our tyres come with no hidden costs. K&P Tyres are independent tyre suppliers and we extend our area of coverage from Epsom to the surrounding Surrey areas. If you need new tyres in Tadworth or anywhere else in the county, feel free to contact us or check for availability on the day.

How To Fix Spare Tyres Around Tadworth

You can easily check the quality of your tyres before contacting any tyre shops. Remember to look at your spare tyre as well. Here are some tips to replace your spare tyre if you experience a puncture on the road. We recommend that you follow these important safety suggestions so you can be prepared. If in doubt - ask one of our tyre fitters for advice.

  • Always find a safe spot to pull over and change your tyre. Avoid main roads and hard shoulders on the motorway
  • Put the handbrake on, switch off the engine, turn your hazard lights on and instruct any passengers to exit the car
  • Place your wheel stops or chocks behind the opposite wheels to prevent your vehicle moving when it’s raised. Then lift the car with the jack
  • Keep yourself balanced whilst changing the tyre. Pick a place with firm, level ground to keep the car steady as well
  • For extra care, Tadworth motorists can get their tyres checked with K&P Tyres. That way you know they are securely fastened

For Everything Else, Call Us!

Don’t be afraid to ask us for help when you need it. We have professional tyre fitters to ensure your car observes all M.O.T requirements. Don’t risk getting a fine, being in breach of your car insurance or becoming a danger to other motorists. As one of Surrey’s most versatile tyre shops, we can assist you with whatever make or model of car you drive. Here’s how:

  • Our tyre suppliers stock a range of premium and budget tyres
  • Friendly and expert tyre fitters available to Tadworth and Surrey customers
  • We repair damaged tyres and balance your wheels as part of the package
  • All our prices are clear and reflect the dedicated service we offer
  • Call for an appointment or we can fit you in while-you-wait (subject to availability)
  • If our tyre suppliers don’t stock it, we can order it for you

K&P Tyres are local tyre fitters and tyre suppliers for Tadworth and local Surrey residents. Call us to book an appointment or get a free quote on 020 8393 2338.