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The 20p Test for Safer Tyres in the Ewell Area

K&P Tyres are reputable tyre fitters and tyre suppliers based in Epsom, which sits alongside the Surrey town of Ewell. We are one of the longest-serving tyre shops in the area. One of the biggest reasons behind our success is our outlook on tyre safety. Did you realise that your tyres are the only thing linking your vehicle with the road?

Affordability has always been a major selling point at K&P Tyres but did you know that for just 20p, you could be guaranteeing the safety of yourself and your family? Our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters are firm advocates of the 20p test, an incentive that many tyre shops in the Epsom and Ewell area support during Tyre Safety Month.

Unless you have tyre fitters in your family, it’s very likely that you won’t have a professional tyre gauge sitting in your toolbox. There’s no need to worry, however. If you have a 20p piece in your pocket, you can carry out an accurate check on your tyres in much the same way as local tyre suppliers and tyre shops in Ewell which use professional tools.

How to Conduct a 20p Inspection on Tyres

Were you aware that the outer rim of a 20p coin measures exactly 1.6mm? This is the exact same measurement as the UK legal minimum tread depth for tyres. Our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters recommend that road users in Ewell use a 20p piece to check the depth of their tyres on a regular basis, ideally at weekly intervals.

Simply insert the coin into the central three-quarters of tread and, if the outer rim is still visible, your tyres are illegal and potentially unsafe for driving. Instead of having to visit tyre shops regularly, Ewell motorists can conduct a fast and simple test themselves. Keep a 20p coin on your vehicle dashboard and you’ll always have one available.

Our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters remind customers in Ewell that worn tyres slow down stopping speeds, increase braking distances and heighten the associated driving risks of skidding or aquaplaning. For the sake of 20p, you and your family can always be in a car with road-legal tyres that improve driving safety and vehicle performance.

Don’t have 20p in your pocket? Don’t worry! Our tyre fitters provide customers in Ewell with free tyre inspections at our Epsom workshop.