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Getting Better Value out of Tyre Shops in the Epsom Area

At K&P Tyres, we understand that motorists are spoilt for choice in their search for a reputable team of tyre fitters. There are many tyre suppliers working in the Epsom area, with an equal balance of independent, franchised and fast-fit outlets. While we may have plenty of competition, we still see ourselves as one of the best tyre shops covering Surrey.

Why? Well, we’re fully independent for a start and this means that Epsom customers always receive a more personalised brand of service from our tyre suppliers. We have the time available to treat you personally, unlike franchised and nationally-operated tyre shops which are driven by targets set by an anonymous head office.

Being independent also ensures our tyre fitters can always charge you a fair and realistic price. When you purchase new tyres from fast-fit tyre shops in Epsom, it’s almost a certainty you’ll be charged the full retail price. We can afford to be flexible with our own prices and this gives our Surrey customers the opportunity to save money.

A Single Price Quotation on all New Tyres

Our tyre suppliers in Epsom will never try to pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to price. Some tyre fitters quote you for the cost of tyres but forget to mention that they charge extra for weighting and balancing. With K&P Tyres, we’ll only invoice you for the price we originally quoted, to include the cost of any related work, and never a penny more.

Compare this standard of service to other tyre shops in Epsom and it’s easy to see why K&P Tyres are still enjoying sustained growth nearly 30 years after first starting out. Value is an attribute that we keep on pressing home and this is reflected in our huge stock range of branded and budget tyres, all of which come from renowned manufacturers.

If you’re already a road user in Epsom, we know there will be a time when you need the services of trusted tyre suppliers and tyre fitters. By choosing K&P Tyres, you’ll be joining the ranks of thousands of satisfied customers who already return to use us repeatedly and who happily recommend us to their families and friends.

Call K&P Tyres now on 020 8393 2338 and discover how we can save you money on the cost of branded and budget replacement tyres.