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Tyre Safety Advice from our Tyre Fitters in Surbiton

Motorists in Surbiton who take good care of their tyres will always find that their tyres will look after their safety. At K&P Tyres in Epsom, our tyre fitters remind our Surbiton customers that their tyres are the only link their vehicle has with the road. The tiny contact area between rubber and road is what keeps you and your passengers safe.

Good tyre shops will always be on hand to provide a free inspection but our existing customers in Surbiton can easily check the condition of their own tyres to help keep them in good condition. Our tyre suppliers have listed some handy tips so that you’re always driving on a set of tyres that are safe, reliable and roadworthy.

  1. Always remove stones and nails as soon as you find them. If foreign objects stay imbedded in tyres, road users in Surbiton may find that they work into the casing. This causes further damage and deflation. Visit our tyre suppliers if you have any concerns over stones and nails.
  2. Some oils and paints can affect the integrity of rubber compounds including those used to make tyres. Oils, in particular, cause tyres to swell and this makes them lose their groove and adhesion. Our tyre fitters recommend that our Surbiton customers remove oil and paint spillages with copious amount of water and a mild detergent.
  3. If you can see visual signs of cuts, abrasions, swelling, cracking or crazing, call in to see us at our tyre shops in Epsom today. Many vehicle owners in Surbiton are already driving on sub-standard tyres. Our tyre suppliers will provide a full inspection of potentially damaged tyres and give you an honest appraisal.
  4. If you are an occasional driver but have a set of tyres on your vehicle that have been in use for more than five years, come and have them inspected by our tyre fitters. We’ll let you know if they’re still safe to use. Our tyre suppliers recommend an immediate change for tyres fitted for 10 years or longer.
  5. Customers from the Surbiton area should look for signs of uneven wear regularly and if abnormalities arise, our tyre shops will look into the reasons why they are happening. Poor wheel alignment is one of the major reasons for premature tyre wear, as is the wear of other vital steering components.

We recommend that motorists in Surbiton check their tyres on a weekly basis. Our tyre fitters will provide a full examination if you have any major concerns.