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Why Should Sutton Motorists Buy Premium Tyres?

Meet K&P Tyres, your trusted tyre suppliers and tyre fitters for the Sutton area. We are located in Epsom, less than five miles to the southwest of Sutton, and we have been one of the most popular tyre shops in the area since starting out in 1987. Our reputation has been built on the supply and fitting of premium branded tyres.

We fully understand that some of our Sutton customers are happy with a mid-range set of tyres but if your own budget allows, our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters strongly recommend that you purchase premium tyres. Like all good tyre shops in the Sutton and Surrey areas, we stock new tyres from major players including Pirelli, Dunlop and Michelin.

Shorter Stopping Distances

Premium tyres are proven to have shorter stopping distance than budget equivalents. Test by What Car showed the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 to stop five metres sooner than the nearest competing budget tyre. Our tyre suppliers provide vehicle owners in Sutton with a full range of premium quality tyres from Michelin and all other major manufacturers.

Better Grip and Handling

The same test indicated that premium branded tyres have a much better lateral grip, an important factor that comes into play in dry and wet driving conditions. Lateral grip also plays a major role when cornering. Our tyre fitters recommend branded tyres with complex rubber compounds to customers in Sutton who enjoy a true handling experience.

Improved Fuel Economy

Some tyres are marketed for their energy-saving performance. If a tyre has a lower rolling resistance, it helps to reduce fuel consumption. Some premium brands have shown to reduce fuel use by up to 60 litres in a year. We are one of the only tyre shops covering Sutton to offer tyres of this kind, such as the Michelin Energy Saver+ range.

Increased Tyre Life Expectancy

The exceptional quality of premium branded tyres may be less noticeable for private vehicle owners in the Sutton area but our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters can’t recommend them highly enough. Our fleet customers, who cover many more miles each year, regularly acknowledge the superior lifespan of tyres made by premium manufacturers.

Can you really trust tyre shops in the Sutton area that don’t stock premium branded tyres? We give our customers a full choice from a huge product range.